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We are about relationships for the long term with both our candidates and clients

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We are not a volume player

We place highly talented individuals in quality positions with leading firms globally.

Our results speak for themselves

We have an exceptional interview to offer ratio and offer acceptance rate.


We constantly go above and beyond

We understand that companies are fighting to win in the combat for talent, and we have therefore built our company around market specific experts to enable us to understand our client’s needs, and as importantly our candidate’s needs, in order to match the perfect culture, experience and skill.

We are all about partnership and people

Our clients also have an outstanding retention rate with our candidates when they join their teams.

Our Unique Approach

We focus on connecting top candidates to leading organisations. Our experienced team of directors, all former leaders in their chosen professions of Audit, Finance, Law and Recruitment, bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our career advisory firm.

With our deep understanding of each industry, we are able to provide invaluable insights and guidance to both our candidates and clients.

Through our extensive networks and unwavering commitment to finding the perfect match, we are the go-to partner for anyone looking to make their next career move or build a strong team.

Placements to Date

Partnership with Clients

Having partnered with senior professionals from the fields of Audit, Finance, Law and Recruitment, the CAnnection team have a unique understanding of these industries and the needs of our clients
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Partnership with Candidates

Our talented team of recruiters has a passion for working and supporting our candidates, with a proven track record of providing market leading career opportunities globally, and in the process changing candidates’ lives
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International Audit & Finance

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South Africa

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Should your speciality not fall into the categories above, please feel free to get in touch and we can see if we are able to assist.

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"Phillipa is a highly skilled recruiter who exceeded my expectations by understanding my needs as a creative and connected me to an incredible employment opportunity to express my love for design. She is kind, understanding, professional and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone searching for their dream job."

Brendan, CAnnected by Phillipa

“Thanks to Sarah, I managed to land a fantastic job working abroad in the UK. Sarah was extremely efficient, attentive and informative when it came to setting me up for my interview, relaying information from my new employer and helping me comfortably take the next step in my career. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone seeking employment and related advice”.

Megan, CAnnected by Sarah

“I have had an exceptional experience with Cassi from the day I was introduced to her by one of my colleagues. She has been instrumental in my journey from competitive placements, securing interviews up to ensuring that I settled well in the UK. Cassi’s in-depth knowledge and insights in talent acquisition is unrivalled and her personality made it easy to communicate with her throughout the recruitment process. A few months since embarking on the new role and Cassi is always checking on my progress and whether there are any areas of concern on which she can assist in. It has been a great pleasure working with Cassi and the entire CAnnection team. I highly recommend her to any professional seeking to pursue their dream careers”.

Chrisantus, CAnnected by Cassi

“Phillipa made a concerted effort to understand me, my team and my business. It was not just about placing a candidate; it was about finding the right person to take our business forward where both parties would win. A highly communicative person, with energy and drive, she in her own right has become an essential part of my organization.”

Client, CAnnected by Phillipa

“Liam goes over and above to make sure the recruitment process is as smooth as possible. Even after the time I was appointed he was following through to check-in on how I was settling in. Going over and beyond to make sure I’m okay which was well received”.

Sizwe, CAnnected by Liam

"I was incredibly fortunate to have Sarah and the CAnnection team guide me through the process from PGDA honours to my employment in London. Sarah was incredibly supportive and put my mind at ease when faced with any interview nerves, preparation etc. She shared incredible insight about what to expect in London, advice which I still use, making my transition as painless (and fun) as possible. Even after my employment I am still receiving support from Sarah and could not rate her proficiency and expertise higher!"

Anna, CAnnected by Sarah

"This team is full of exceptionally compassionate and helpful people who go out of their way to assist and ensure that the process goes smoothly. I had the pleasure of being assisted by Nicole Martin and Cathrina Rauscher who held my hand throughout my interview, visa and immigration process right up until my first day. This is truly a team that puts the Human in Human Resources and I could not be more pleased with my experience."

Yusuf, CAnnected by Nicole and Cathrina

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